Movin' On Up

It has been nearly a month since we re-opened for weekend on-sales on 4 July. Firstly, can we say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us during that time, and everyone who has joined us for a drink. Almost without exception you’ve been positive, understanding and accepting of the slightly peculiar situation we all find ourselves in, and your willingness to follow the rules in place has hopefully meant that we’ve been able to offer a safe and reassuring place to drink and socialise over the last month.

Having now had a month to get the feel for things we’re making some changes to opening hours starting this week. They’re set out below.


There will be a revision to our opening times as of today, the new hours are below.


Tuesday 1-5 Off Sales Only

Wednesday 2-8 FULL SERVICE

Thursday 2-8 FULL SERVICE

Friday 2-10 FULL SERVICE

Saturday 2-10 FULL SERVICE


We’ll keep these hours under review again, but we don’t anticipate making any additional changes now until at least October. Home deliveries continue as before on Monday and Thursday. Tuesday remains an off sale only day for those who want to have a browse but prefer to do it when we've not got the bar running.


Bookings can only be made by emailing us on we won’t take bookings by Facebook, or on Twitter, or by telephone, as we're just not good enough at multi-tasking not to make a screw up! Please book in advance of the day you want to visit, we’re unlikely to be able to take a booking for the same day.

The new drink in days (Wednesday/Thursday/Sunday) are WALK UP ONLY for now. No bookings will be required for these days. Please remember our capacity remains very limited, and will be slightly lower on these days than it is on Friday/Saturday. This means all spaces are available on a first come, first served basis. We’re sorry in advance if that means we can’t serve you when you visit but if that’s what we say then we’re afraid no amount of helpful suggestions of ways we could sneak you in are going to change the situation.


We’ve set out the rules again below, with some slight adjustments based on our experience. Please remember these changes are our best response to government guidance, they may not be how every other bar or pub you visit is doing things, but they’re our decisions of what is safe for our team and customers and we intend to stick by them.

If you’re not happy to follow the rules please don’t visit us while they’re in force, as we will be declining service to anyone who doesn’t comply with them. Sorry to be so blunt, but it’s important to be clear on that up front.

Capacity – We’re still operating with a very reduced capacity of around 30% and we’ll only serve customers we’re able to seat AT A TABLE safely. We won’t be serving any standing customers, and we won’t be using the granite block at the front of the bar going forward, so if we’re at our capacity we’ll not be able to serve you until a table comes free.

Walk up/Booking – We strongly recommend booking in advance each Friday and Saturday, particularly in the evenings. Slots are available 2-4, 4.30-6.30 and 7-10 on those two days. Please email us on for details and to book.

Being seated – On arriving at the bar please wait to be seated. Please don’t walk past other people waiting and try to be served at the bar. And please don't take a table until we take you to one, we don't want you to take one that's waiting to be sanitised between groups!

Maximum group size – We will accept groups of up to four people maximum.

Table service – There will be no service for on sales at the bar. Orders and payment will be taken at your table and delivered to you on a tray. We will collect empty glasses when required and we’d ask you to not return your glasses yourselves.

Track and trace – We will need the contact details of a ‘lead customer’ from each group we seat to comply with government track and trace requirements. If you’re not happy to provide this information we won’t be able to serve you. Your data will be securely kept in compliance with all relevant legislation and destroyed after 21 days.

Staying at your table – while visiting us we ask that you remain at your table unless you need to leave it for the toilet or are directed to do so by us in an emergency. We will not be permitting standing drinking either outside or inside and we can’t allow customers to move between tables as this will breach social distancing rules. We know it’s odd not to be able to stand up and have a chat with someone you know but it really is important you remain with your group at your own table.


We’re really pleased with how the first month has gone, and we’re humbled by the support you’ve shown us, and your understanding towards the new and unusual way we find ourselves socialising. You’ve been great, and made adapting to all this much less nerve-wracking than we’d thought back at the start of July.

We must also thank the City Centre BID team for their support to all of us on Piccadilly, and to the City Council who have been supportive, pragmatic and flexible at all times.

Recent events just south of the City have shown the incredible importance of keeping to the rules, Stoke-on-Trent has been doing brilliantly during July as new cases have continued to tumble, and we all have a part to play in making sure that continues.

Much love

Chris, Tom, Rich and all the team at BottleCraft