Adjusting for Autumn

Adjusting for Autumn!

We want to quickly update you on some of the tweaks we’re making over the coming weeks to how things work at the bar and the delivery service as we move into the autumn/winter.

Bar Service

Bookings – when booking (by email to only please) let us know whether you’d prefer an inside or outside table. BUT be aware if you book an outside table we may not be able to move you inside if the weather goes south.

Groups sizes – Maximum group size inside remains 4 people. We’ll take bookings of up to 6 people outside, but we’ll not be able to move a group of that size inside as mentioned above.

Service – We remain table service and electronic payments only, but in a slight change we’ll provide your table with a service call button when you arrive, so you can summon us by pressing, rather than trying to catch our eye!

Capacity – we will be slightly increasing our capacity (weather dependent!) to between 7 and 11 tables maximum (inside and outside) each day we’re open. Hopefully this will mean we don’t need to turn so many of you away when you walk up without a booking.

Delivery service

As of today we’re permanently reducing our minimum order size for free delivery to £20 per order. Delivery days remain Monday and Thursday each week. This is a follow up to our decision to stop doing the ‘off sales only day’ on Tuesdays from this week.