Join us for our Piccadilly Birthday

We're very excited to invite you to our 1st Piccadilly Birthday celebrations!! A Free event on Friday 13th July from 7:30PM we'll be hosting Average Joe with supporting sets from our good friends Martin Gooding and Nic Andrews.

Average Joe:

"First things first - this was fucking real from the beginning. Night after night, bottle after bottle, smoke after smoke, while the moon was up and his head gone, Joe started to stitch the scripts he'd been writing. Turning up to record at 1am with a whisky and saliva glaze over his face, barely coherent and hellbent... Heartbreaker was being born. Full of pissed up swag, some nights producer Jim had to leave Joe alone in the studio with the mics hot, in what seemed like a bad way. Certainly in no fit state to do what he did. Each morning, Jim would check in on the project files and unpacked some of the rawest, beautiful and most thought provoking shit around. A perfectly brutal recollection of Joe's time spent in chaos. What you hear on this tape is exactly what was going on."

We'd like to thank all our friends, family and customers for making our move to Piccadilly Hanley a great success and can't wait to celebrate our first year with you all!