That's a Bingo : Tasting Night

Right then folks, we've got another tasting night booked in for Thursday 22nd. This time, there's a bit of a twist...

As many of our regular attendees will be aware, we're big fans of excessive superlatives when describing beers. Rather than having a theme of flavours or country, this taster will feature a true smorgasbord of beers and we shall have a delightful game of Bullshit Bingo.

Every person in attendance will be given a unique card featuring some key tasting descriptors, as the evening progresses and your cards fill up, prizes will be awarded for the first line and house.

Many of you have been asking for a night like this and we are happy to oblige.

For the measly sum of £20, you will be treated to 10 beers, some hearty grub, a full tasting experience and as always a bottle of your favourite sample is yours to take home. Tickets are available in store now.