Playing With Mud : Part One

Where to start? We've got so many amazing things happening over the next few days that it would be impossible to tell you all about it in one go. So we're going to do a couple of posts over the next few days to keep you in the loop.

Ok. Let's start with Dave. Dave is one of our favourite customers. A methodical and thoughtful bloke with a dry sense of humour and excellent taste in beer. It also turns out that he is an incredible artist. We'll let you see what he has to say about it all.

"What to say, I’m not really any good at self-promotion. I guess I’m just your typical local lad born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent

Like most local people I had family members who worked on the pot banks and when I was growing up pot banks and ceramics were everywhere. We even did pottery at school, yes I’m that old!

I guess all the exposure to ceramics must have worked its way into my subconscious as when I was at Newcastle College, doing a foundation course in Art & Design, I specialised in ceramics and from that point the path was set. I moved on to study ceramics at Staffordshire University and during the three years of the degree I was introduced to the full range of processes and styles from industrial production to hand built Raku ware and the rainbow of things in-between. It was wheel thrown ceramics and Oriental reduction glazes that called to me. From that point I’ve never stopped doing both.

After completing my studies I was lucky to get a job working in the Ceramic Technology Department at Staffordshire University as a lab assistant. This was not as boring as it sounds! It was through working here that I gained a better understanding of the technical side of ceramics.

I later transferred to the School of Art & Design as a Technical Assistant in the 3D workshops. I am currently a Technical Instructor in the Ceramic workshops with responsibility for kiln firing, slip casting, throwing and glazing."

So there, now you know all about him. But why are we telling you about Dave?

Well, as some of you may know, Stoke-on-Trent is set to open the British Ceramic Biennial this Saturday (more on this in the next blog) and to celebrate we're hosting our own little fringe show. Dave is kicking things off for us and will be showcasing some of his latest work in our new exhibition space. Get yourselves down, take a look at Stoke heritage that is still alive and kicking.


David Dowler

22.09.17 until 06.10.17