Are you local?

This is a local bar for local people. We'll have no trouble here!

As many of you know, we've been a verified venue on Untappd for nearly a year now. That's meant you could see what we have available on tap via Untappd's apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, as well as on our website and Facebook page. You've also been able to earn verified venue badges for check-ins here. You can even get alerts as we put new beers and ciders on keg and cask (if you want them, just search for us in the app as you'd search for a beer, but in the venues section, then select to turn notifications on).

Anyway, exciting news! From today (Friday 15th September), we have our very own local badge. That means on top of the verified venue badges, you'll earn the brand new "BottleCraft: A local badge for local people." series of badges. You'll earn them as you check in beers at BottleCraft, and for any beers you've bought to take out that you check in as purchased from BottleCraft, too.

So there you go. Download the app, get checking in, and earn some badges. As if drinking beer wasn't fun enough already.


Team BottleCraft