A very long list of thank yous...


What an absolutely crazy weekend! We've had a blast since opening the doors to our new bar at 33 Piccadilly. The move hasn't been without its challenges and snags, but we got there.

We have so, so many people to thank. The past few months have been a real rollercoaster, and we absolutely wouldn't be where we are now without help from so many. Firstly we have to say a big thanks to Catherine and the Magee family for providing us with what we've now made our home. And then there's a mighty long list of tradesmen, local businesses and friends. Here goes...

- Contrak Construction for running the whole project and building us an amazing space

- Dave Byatt at Byatt Oliver for squeezing our ridiculous requirements into the design

- Lindop Electrical for rewiring the whole place and fitting our CCTV and fire alarm

- Mark Dean Flooring Specialist for our vinyl and concrete floors

- Nantwich Refrigeration for making our cellar nice and cold

- Kev the plumber for doing an amazing job in a very tight timescale

- Kev the maintenance guy at The Regent Theatre

- Mick Brown painter and decorator for our lovely shop front

- Andy Cooke from Design by Weather for our new shop graphics

- Wavemaker for letting us use their clever tools to make vinyls and cut some wood bits

- Silvers Cresswell for our fantastic bar hood

- Linda for our lovely toilets

- Liam Robinson for our bar, shelves and a million other things

On top of that list, everybody needs good neighbours, and boy, do we have some great ones. RAWR have been superstars for putting up with noise and dust for months, and have kept our workforce going with great food and coffee. Klay have helped wherever they could, even whilst busy on their own refit (thanks for the angle grinder!). Zest provided some amazing food for our opening night (and you'll be able to order from there to eat at BottleCraft soon). Piccadilly Brasserie kindly kept us watered on a few hot days of decorating. And the gang at 51-53 have been helpful as ever too.

Then there's our wonderful friends who've been scrubbing, painting, sawing, screwing, sanding, mopping, tidying and so much more. Thanks to you all - Ant Cronin, Paul Rutter, Craig Murray, Pete Byrne, Kev Byrne, Andrew Swindells, Mike Blaze, Chrish Dunne, Charlotte Lyttleton, Dick Postles, James Cullen, Sean Dissington, Marc "Chopper" Alcock and Will and Holly from Mart's Brewery.

Thanks also must go to Calum Murphy for playing our closing party at Marsh Street, and to Eddie Kerr and Dick Postles for playing our two opening parties at Piccadilly.

The penultimate thanks go to our team, William Fedarb, Nile Plumb and Chris Straughan. They've done amazingly well at putting up with us during a very stressful few months, and have kept BottleCraft running beautifully.

Lastly, we have to thank every single one of our customers, old and new. Without you we simply wouldn't be where we are now, and it was a joy to see so many of you over the opening weekend.


Chris, Tom and Rich xx