Hello Goodbye

New BottleCraft will be opening at 12pm on Friday 14th July. That's right, in just ten days' time, the wait will finally be over!

We've still got plenty to do, but here are the important dates you'll need to know.

Saturday 8th: Goodbye to 54 Marsh Street Party

We can't close the old shop down without a farewell shindig. With that in mind, our pal Calum Murphy will be playing some funky tunes on Saturday evening. This isn't the last day the shop will be open though, so you've still got Sunday to Tuesday if you can't make it then.

Tuesday 11th: 54 Marsh Street closes

Our 54 Marsh Street South shop will close at 9pm on Tuesday 11th. This allows us a couple of days to make the final finishing touches to the new shop, and to move some bits round from the current one.

Wednesday 12th-Thursday 13th: Both shops closed

We'll be getting everything sorted out ready for the opening. We'll be having a practice run on Thursday evening, but please wait until Friday before trying to get in!

Friday 14th: 33 Piccadilly opens, and we party

The new shop opens at 12pm Friday, so you can finally come down and check the place out. We'll have Eddie Kerr playing his Bottle Bar Brawl set in the evening to get us going in style.

Saturday 15th: We continue partying

Much like Friday, except this time we'll have Disco Dick playing us some sounds.

Opening times

For now, our opening times will stay the same, except for Sundays where we'll be open 12-6 once we've made the move. We do have a longer license than at the current shop though, meaning we'll be more flexible around specific events by opening a little earlier, or closing a little later.

Other stuff

Whilst you're here, it's worth us reminding you to subscribe to our mailing list if you haven't already. You'll get weekly emails of the new beers we've had in stock, plus news of tasting events and any other important stuff. To subscribe, head to the contact page and pop your name and email address in the mailing list bit.

Also, do you use Untappd? Even if you're not interested in keeping track of beers you've had, the app is really handy for finding out when we put something new on. Just download it, then search for BottleCraft and follow us. Once you've done that, you'll get popup alerts each time a new beer goes on tap, plus alerts when event tickets are available. We've got something else to do with Untappd to announce shortly too.

That's all for now, and we're so excited to see what you think of the new place!

Chris, Rich, Tom, Carl, Nile and Chris xxx