An update on the move.

Good Evening!

Anybody notice that there was no new beer blog this weekend? The truth is we've been insanely busy working on the new shop, so decided to skip a week and give you an update on that instead.

What seems like a long, long time ago, we shared the amazing news that we're moving BottleCraft to 33 Piccadilly. We've been working hard since then to get everything ready, and are now getting really close to announcing a move date. Licensing and everything is sorted, so we're nearly there!

So what have we been up to? A lot. The transformation of 33 Piccadilly has taken longer than expected, but it's really going to be worth it. Anybody out there who visited Gemini in the past will hardly recognise it. It's not finished yet, but there are some photos further down this blog which show some of the work we've done, and give you an idea of how it's going to look.

As we mentioned back in January, we see the move as a big opportunity to fix the little niggles we have with the current shop, to make it better for both our customers and our team. On that topic, we're delighted to say we've stuck to our original plans, and can confirm the following:

- We're increasing to two toilets, both on the ground floor, with one fully disabled-friendly.

- Thanks to the new place having a cellar, we're increasing to a total of twelve keg lines, with the intention of keeping ten running at any time.

- We're doubling our fridge capacity. If there's nothing on all those taps that suits, there'll be twice as many cans and bottles chilled and ready to drink.

- Our standard capacity will more than double. There'll be nearly three times as many seats, plus much more standing space than we currently have.

- There's an upstairs seating area with loads more space and seating than we have in the current shop.

- We'll be able to cater for more people at tasting evenings and private parties, which will be hosted upstairs. That means if you're not attending, you'll still be able to use the shop as normal.

On top of that, we'll be increasing our offering of wine, which will be more conveniently held behind the counter along with soft drinks. And we'll offer a range of spirits, plus simple hot drinks. Oh, and two cask beers.

Lastly, since our announcement, many of you have pointed out we mentioned plans for the existing shop once we move. We've heard some absolutely terrific rumours of what we're planning on doing, but want to settle the record on it. The current shop is our first home, and we love it to pieces. We want to do something with it, but for now our attention has to be solely focused on our new location. As such, the current shop will shut a couple of days before the move date, and won't reopen. Before it closes though, we'll be sure to give it an almighty send-off to thank it for two years of solid service.

We absolutely can't wait to show you the new shop, and we hope you're as excited as we are!

Chris, Rich, Tom, Carl, Nile and Chris