Last Thursday saw FizzBus visit BottleCraft for an evening of retro gaming.

Founder Debbie Berriman launched FizzBus in 2016, after having the idea whilst visiting a gaming convention. FizzBus is touring venues around the area, with the long term plan of operating from a solar powered bus at festivals and other events.

On show at BottleCraft were eight of Debbie's ever-growing collection of consoles, including a NES, SNES, PS2 and Nintendo 64. The most impressive thing on show had to be the Vectrex, which is older than all-but-one of the team here at BottleCraft (bet you can't guess which one). I spent most of the evening being smug about beating people on Diddy Kong Racing on the N64, which was a big part of my life before I discovered beer.

FizzBus have plenty of events planned in the near future around the area, including The Holy Inadequate on 16th March and The Quarter on 25th March. Check out the FizzBus Facebook page for all upcoming events. They're also available for private hire for parties and events, which you can find out about on the FizzBus website.

All who attended had great fun, and we're planning on repeating the event in the future.