Back to the Future Tasting Night - 19th January 2017

Thursday night saw the first tasting event of 2017.

The theme was Back to the Future, with a selection of our favourites from last year as well as beers and breweries to look out for in the coming year.

We even had a time traveller of our own serving up the fun:

Starting part one, we needed to go back! Beavertown Lupuloid was one of our favourites from last year, setting a new standard for hoppy, fruity IPAs. That was followed by Gun Brewery's DIPA, before a bit of a wild card. Of the Sea from Wild Beer Co. is a lobster, cockles, seaweed, salt and herb beer, perhaps a taste of the future? Fourth was Lost and Grounded Keller Pils, an excellent lager packed with full bodied flavours. They're definitely a brewery to keep a watchful eye on this year. It felt like we were travelling at 88MPH as we wrapped up part one with the delectable Mad Hatter Mad House, tickling our tastebuds with its chocolate banana milkshake goodness.

A good break with some fine breads, meats, cheeses, olives, dips and crackers as well as some cheeky chocolate caramel slices saw us hit 1.21 gigawatts and speed back on our journey.

Jumping onto the Time Train, we call in to Fallen Chew Chew, with its smooth salted caramel sweet finish. Next was Cloudwater Grisette, a Mancunian take on a classic Belgian beer style. For the eighth beer, we went back to another favourite from last year, Two Roads Bergamonster - an unfiltered wheat beer brewed with Bergamot Orange peel for an extra citrus kick. For the penultimate beer, we chose Pulp, an 8% double IPA from relatively new Verdant Brewing Co. The evening concluded on one of our absolute favourites of 2016, Siren Craft Vimto IPA.

All beers available at the tasting evening are now available on our shelves, and keep an eye out for when we announce our next tasting night in the near future.