Anything Geuze: Tasting Night Review

Last night saw another tasting night at BottleCraft, and this time the theme was sour beers. As ever, we spent lots of time sourcing the weird and the wonderful for our guests to try out (almost as much time as we spent coming up with a punny name.)

Although sour beers are something of a new trend amongst craft beers, they're inspired by arguably the oldest and most traditional brewing techniques, dating back hundreds of years. In fact, it's plausible that pretty much all beers would have been sour to some extent in the early days, before "modern" brewing techniques and culturing of specific yeast strains became prevalent.

We took our guests on a tour of the old and the new, from the UK to the USA, and from Belgium to Norway. Highlights included Wild Beer Co.'s Smoke 'n' Barrels, which is barrel aged along with smoked orange segments, and Cantillon's classic Kriek Lambic, but the most popular beer of the night was Lervig's Passion Tang, a 7% beer jam packed with passion fruit.

Here's what was on offer, in snazzy gallery form:

If any of the beers above take your fancy, they're available on our shelves from today.