Coswort Milk Stout

We’ve got something special on keg this week, and for a good reason. Coswort is a milk stout brewed as a collaboration between Elusive Brewing; a relatively new craft brewer based in deepest Berkshire, and Chris Smith; a regular on the North Staffordshire drinking scene.

The beer is being sold to raise money for charity, so if you buy a glass in BottleCraft, everything except for the cost of brewing will go to a good cause. Here’s what Chris has to say about it…


Who are Elusive Brewing, and how did you end up working on this collaboration with them?

Elusive Brewing is the new kid on the block, based on the Hampshire/Berkshire border run by one of the best guys you could ever wish to meet, Andy Parker.

Elusive are forward-thinking, not scared to experiment when producing quality beers full of flavour. As far as I know, Andy's beers are all unfined, so natural and vegan friendly, which has always been my belief how a beer should be brewed. I first met Andy many years ago at a Weird Beard beer launch at the Pied Bull London and have been good friends since.

It's always been my dream to have my own microbrewery, which was slowly starting to materialise

with a small stainless steel pilot kit 2 1/2 years ago where I started brewing different styles of beer. I then forced it (only joking, free beer is easy to give away) upon brewers at different

breweries in London/Manchester. They’d been giving me help and advice, and after receiving good feedback, I knew I was on the right track. Andy got in touch asking if i wanted to brew one of my beers down at his new brewery, so I got to experience buying and drinking my first commercial beer in a pub. The beer’s going out to all my favourite pubs and bars around London, Manchester and Stoke, with all profits going to charity.

Tell us about the beer. Why did you choose a milk stout?

I think it comes down to brewing something different. You don't see that many milk stouts around - this could be the first some people have tried. Also, this time of year there are so many pales and IPAs around which always leave me wanting something darker, sweet, not too heavy, but still easy to drink on a warm day.

This recipe consists of six different malts producing a good layered beer with a slight earthiness and a decent roast hit, and the right amount of lactose giving ta pleasant sweetness and mouthfeel. It's what I'd call a modern milk stout with a nod to the old style.

Which charity is it in aid of, and what do they do?

The profit from this KeyKeg and the other KeyKegs and barrels is going to the local Douglas

Macmillian Hospice in Blurton, who offer specialised care for patients over the age of 16 who are facing a life-limiting illness where a cure is no longer possible. The profits from Elusive brewery are going to Cancer Research, so get yourself out, be different, and try a Milk Stout knowing the proceeds are going to two excellent charities.


Having tasted the beer myself at the hopinn a few weeks back, it’s rich, dark and slightly sweet, but with plenty of roasted malt flavours to boot. So get yourself down to BottleCraft this week to enjoy it, or if you can’t, keep an eye out for Otter’s Tears and The Hopwater Cellar, as they’ll both have it on keg soon as well.

Huge thanks to Chris for taking the time to speak to us about this!