European Tasting Night Review

Last night's European Tasting evening was great fun, so thanks to everyone who came along. Here's a rundown of what was on offer, in a dead posh gallery thing:

Chris's pick: "Dangerously Close to Stupid for me. Huge peachy esthers, big hop bite, but incredibly well balanced and smooth. As good as any imperial IPA I've ever had."

Tom's pick: "I have a real soft spot for Lervig, so would normally pick the Galaxy IPA and its massive floral, hoppy aroma, but the Blackjack Ace of Spades Cherry is absolutely bonkers, and super-rare. I'm definitely hiding one of those away to enjoy on a chilly day over the winter."

Rich's pick: No idea. He's swimming round in a field somewhere at Glastonbury.

All of the beers offered last night are currently on sale. Get here fast to get your hands on the rarer ones though!

Lastly, massive thanks to Chris's mum for a cracking spread of European foods for the half time break, including a delicious Hungarian goulash!