Father's Day gift ideas. Because great dads love great beer.

Father's Day gifts

Father's Day is fast approaching (it's Sunday 19th June in case you were just about to Google that).

If you're stuck for what to get for dear old papa, you can be sure you'll put a smile on his face with the gift of beer. Here are some ideas for things you could pick up from BottleCraft.

For the lager lover

Alhambra Reserva Limited Edition

Alhambra's Reserva 1925 is one of the most popular lagers we stock. It balances tasty caramel malts with grassy, floral hop flavour, and packs a punch at 6.4% abv.

Pictured is a limited edition gift set containing two 750ml cork-topped bottles, plus two Alhambra glasses to enjoy it from.

For the hop connoisseur

Ruhstaller Does It Matter

Ruhstaller are one of our favourite American west coast brewers, and they have a passion for quality hops.

To make an interesting point about the impact of soil and environment on the eventual taste of a beer, they've brewed the exact same single-hopped Cascade IPA, but with hops grown in four different locations. Each bottle details the soil type, elevation, size of the farm, name of the farmer and more. That's got to be interesting to a dad, right? And if it isn't, then popping open four bottles of this 6% beauty and judging the differences between them will surely appeal. Having tasted them myself, it's really quite surprising how much of a difference it makes.

For everyone else

So those were two very specific gift ideas, but if they won't float your dad's boat, fear not! We'll happily tailor a selection of beers to his needs. We sell gift boxes which take either three or six bottles, and will help you pick something perfect from our range of over 200 beers and ciders. We've got lagers, pales, IPAs, stouts, porters, fruit beers and more, so there's bound to be something that fits. Just pop in and ask us for some suggestions, and ideally come with a vague idea of what your dad normally likes to drink!

If you don't want to take the risk on picking something he might not like, we also sell gift vouchers in multiples of £10. That way you can be sure he'll get exactly what he wants.

Lastly, remember that fathers-to-be might also appreciate a gift (beer will help massively in preparation for all those sleepless nights). I'll finish with a photo of our Chris, who's expecting in November. Congratulations mate!