New Beers #33

Hi! Short one this week. Here's what we've had in: Bernard - Světlý Ležák - 4.9% Crew Republic - Rest in Peace - 10.1% Hawkshead - Lakeland Gold - 4.4% Hawkshead - NZPA - 6% Hawkshead - Red - 4.6% Hawkshead - Windermere Pale - 4% Porterhouse - Plain Porter - 4.3% Porterhouse - Red Ale - 4.2% Sam Smiths - Organic Cherry - 5.1% Sam Smiths - Organic Raspberry - 5.1% Sam Smiths - Organic Strawberry - 5.1% Siren Craft - Ryesing Tides - 7.4% Wild Beer Co. - Redwood 2016 - 5.8% That's all for this week. Have a good one! Tom

New Beers #32 including Mart's British Ceramics Biennial beers

Hello, The 2017 British Ceramics Biennial kicked off on Friday, and is now in full swing. You'll find us there for the duration of the event, Tuesday to Saturday 12pm-5pm, and Sunday 12pm to 4pm. As you're probably aware, our good friends at Mart's Craft Beer have brewed six limited edition beers for the festival. All six are available as a set at BCB. For £20, you'll get a Red Ale, a Mocha Stout, an Oatcake Stout, a Best Bitter, a Pale Ale and a New England IPA. They've been incredibly popular so far, and many people have been asking if they can be purchased directly from the shop. Whilst we'd really encourage you to pop down to BCB for a look round, we think it might be easier for some peo

Playing With Mud : Part One

Where to start? We've got so many amazing things happening over the next few days that it would be impossible to tell you all about it in one go. So we're going to do a couple of posts over the next few days to keep you in the loop. Ok. Let's start with Dave. Dave is one of our favourite customers. A methodical and thoughtful bloke with a dry sense of humour and excellent taste in beer. It also turns out that he is an incredible artist. We'll let you see what he has to say about it all. "What to say, I’m not really any good at self-promotion. I guess I’m just your typical local lad born and raised in Stoke-on-Trent Like most local people I had family members who worked on the pot banks and w

New Beers #31

Hi! Quick one this week, but some great stuff within the list. Check out the Northern Monk ones if you've not had them yet, and the Siren Craft Comfortable Silence if you missed out on it last time it was in. Beer Beavertown - Gamma Ray - 5.4% Beavertown - Neck Oil - 4.3% Buxton - Trolltunga - 6.3% Magic Rock - Cannonball - 7.4% Magic Rock - Fantasma - 6.5% Magic Rock - High Wire - 5.5% Magic Rock - High Wire Grapefruit - 5.5% Northern Monk - Alefarm Patrons Project 7.02 Peach Vanilla - 7% Northern Monk - Alefarm Patrons Project 7.03 Blueberry Wild Ale - 8.2% Roosters - Twenty Four Seven - 4.7% Sam Smiths - Organic Strawberry - 5.1% Sam Smiths - Organic Cherry - 5.1% Sam Smiths - Organic Lag

Are you local?

This is a local bar for local people. We'll have no trouble here! As many of you know, we've been a verified venue on Untappd for nearly a year now. That's meant you could see what we have available on tap via Untappd's apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, as well as on our website and Facebook page. You've also been able to earn verified venue badges for check-ins here. You can even get alerts as we put new beers and ciders on keg and cask (if you want them, just search for us in the app as you'd search for a beer, but in the venues section, then select to turn notifications on). Anyway, exciting news! From today (Friday 15th September), we have our very own local badge. That means on t

New beers #30

Hello! We've had so many lovely things in. Here's the last ten days' worth. Beers Atom - Pulsar - 4.4% Beavertown - Gamma Ray - 5.4% Beavertown - Lupuloid - 6.7% Beavertown - West Side Beavo - 6.5% Brew By Numbers - 08|06 Stout Oatmeal - 5.7% Brew York - Big Eagle IPA - 6.5% Brew York - Little Eagle - 4.5% Brew York - Viking DNA - 5% Brew York - Dante's Helles - 4.1% Brewski - Barbarian - 6% Buxton - Subluminal Coffee - 10% Buxton - Superluminal Raspberry - 7% De Molen - Hemel & Aarde - 10% De Molen - Mooi & Meedogenloos - 10.2% De Molen - Magic & Tricks - 8.4% De Molen - Push & Pull - 10.5% De Molen - Summer of '17 - 5.4% Duvel - Triple Hop - 9.5% Einstock - Toasted Porter - 6% Elusive - Lo

Seasons Change : Tasting Night

And that was summer. Done. Gone. Barely a sign of the sun. Autumn is well and truly on us. As we continue on towards the inevitable dark nights and rain, we're going to celebrate this season of change and the wonderful colours it produces. On Thursday 28th September our next tasting night will be full of warm reds, deep browns, rich ambers and luscious blondes. Expect Red IPAs, American Brown Ales, Wheat Beers and of course, the odd surprise! There will be a warming lobby to keep you warm and as always, you get to take a bottle of your favourite home with you. Tickets are priced at £20 per person and are available in-store.

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