New Beers #18 plus some other stuff

Hello there! Our second birthday weekend is in full swing. We've had plenty of cake donations already, but please do keep them coming. A quick reminder for the weekend: We have the mighty Calum Murphy DJing tonight from 6ish, doing some funky discoey type stuff. Then tomorrow, we've got a stack of local musicians playing live from around 6pm. Yes, that's right, we'll still be open at 6pm on a Sunday. Until 11pm! Make the most of your Bank Holiday folks, and come down and enjoy the fun. Anyway, new stock: Beer Alhambra - Reserva - 6.4% Artesana Fundada - Palax - 4.8% Beavertown - Bloody 'Ell - 7.2% Delirium - Red - 8% Delirium - Tremens - 8.5% Freedom - Four - 4% Freedom - Amber - 4.7% Freedo

It's our party, and we'll cry if we want to...

1st May marks BottleCraft's second birthday! My, hasn't time flown. We were really hopeful of being able to celebrate in style with a party coinciding with moving to our new premises on Piccadilly. Alas, it's not ready just yet. Whilst we're on that topic, lots of you have been asking how things are progressing with the move. It's going really well, but is taking a little longer than expected. Building work continues, and we'll be sharing the first photos of how it's looking really soon. We're aiming to move late in May, or early in June. Back to our second birthday, and we'll be having a little shindig over Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th April. Anybody who came to last year's first birthday

New Beers #17

Hello there! Here's the weekly rundown of what we've had in stock. There are some particular beauties from Scandinavia included, which featured in last night's tasting evening (they're marked with a *). There are also a small number of cans of Magic Rock Human and Un-Human Cannonball around, but be sure to get in quick to get them (strictly one of each per customer). All beers listed are available from today. Arbor - Blorange - 5.2% Beavertown - Black Betty - 7.4% Beavertown - Bloody 'Ell - 7.2% Beavertown - Gamma Ray - 5.4% Beavertown - Smog Rocket - 5.4% Blackjack - New Deck - 4.2% Blackjack - Royal Flush - 5% Blackjack Stout - 5% Blue Monkey - BG Sips - 4% Blue Monkey - Funky Gibbon - 4.1

New Beers #16

Hello! Here's a rundown of what we've had in since the last new beers update. As I've not written one in a while, I'm skipping beers which are no longer in stock. I promise, promise, promise I'll do these more regularly again from now on! Beer BACK - Abbeydale - Heathen - 4.1% BACK - Anchor - California Lager - 4.9% BACK - Anchor - Steam - 4.8% BACK - Beavertown - Bloody 'Ell - 7.2% NEW - Beavertown - Moonshiner - 5% BACK - Beavertown - 8 Ball Rye - 6.2% BACK - Beavertown - Gamma Ray - 5.4% BACK - Beavertown - Lupuloid - 6.7% BACK - Beavertown - Neck Oil - 4.3% NEW - Blackjack - King of Clubs - 7.2% BACK - Blanche de Bruxelles - 4.5% NEW - Brew By Numbers - 18|05 Farmhouse Rye Saison - 6.2%

Nordic and Nice : A Tasting Evening

On Thursday 20th April we're back for another tasting night and boy are we excited! This time around we're channelling our inner viking and taking you on a mystery tour of the Nordic Brew Masters. Norway, Sweden and Denmark have become powerhouses in the craft beer revolution and some of the finest brewers around can be found within their borders. Expect old favourites such as Lervig and Mikkeler to feature alongside some of the more exciting new breweries we can lay our hands on. This is a night not to be missed! Meatballs and lingon berry jam will keep your belly full and as always, you'll get to take a bottle of your favourite sample home with you. Tickets are on sale now in-store priced

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