Anything Geuze: Tasting Night Review

Last night saw another tasting night at BottleCraft, and this time the theme was sour beers. As ever, we spent lots of time sourcing the weird and the wonderful for our guests to try out (almost as much time as we spent coming up with a punny name.) Although sour beers are something of a new trend amongst craft beers, they're inspired by arguably the oldest and most traditional brewing techniques, dating back hundreds of years. In fact, it's plausible that pretty much all beers would have been sour to some extent in the early days, before "modern" brewing techniques and culturing of specific yeast strains became prevalent. We took our guests on a tour of the old and the new, from the UK to t

New shelves (and new beers episode #10)

[Edited 26/8 to remove a couple of Kernels and add some more things] Hello! Another delayed new beers post, as we needed to put more shelving up over the weekend to fit them all in! This one is a big read, but there are some absolute beauties, including the Ameri-cans pictured (see what I did there?) Some won't be available until Friday, but I figured I'd mention them now anyway to whet your appetites for the weekend. NEW = brand new BACK = returning after a little while away Available Now Beavertown - Gamma Ray - 5.4% - UK Beavertown - Neck Oil - 4.3% - UK BACK - Hales - American Pale Ale - 4.7% - USA NEW - Hales - Kolsch - 5.1%- USA BACK - Hales - Supergoose - 6.9% - USA Island Records - S

Coswort Milk Stout

We’ve got something special on keg this week, and for a good reason. Coswort is a milk stout brewed as a collaboration between Elusive Brewing; a relatively new craft brewer based in deepest Berkshire, and Chris Smith; a regular on the North Staffordshire drinking scene. The beer is being sold to raise money for charity, so if you buy a glass in BottleCraft, everything except for the cost of brewing will go to a good cause. Here’s what Chris has to say about it… --- Who are Elusive Brewing, and how did you end up working on this collaboration with them? Elusive Brewing is the new kid on the block, based on the Hampshire/Berkshire border run by one of the best guys you could ever wish to meet

New beers episode #9

Hello! I've not written a new beers blog in a few weeks, partially because we had a slow week on deliveries, and partially because I forgot. There's honesty for you. Anyway, here's what's hit our shelves in the past week, or is about to. NEW = brand new, BACK = returning after a little time away BACK - Anchor - California Lager - 4.9% NEW - Anchor - Go West IPA - 6.7% BACK - Anchor - Liberty Ale - 5.9% Beavertown - 8 Ball Rye - 6.2% Beavertown - Gamma Ray - 5.4% Beavertown - Smog Rocket - 5.4% Brewdog - Elvis Juice - 6.5% BACK - Brooklyn - American Ale - 4.5% BACK - Brooklyn - Black Chocolate Stout - 10% Brooklyn - Lager - 5.2% BACK - Brooklyn - Sorachi Ace - 7.2% BACK - Brooklyn - Summer Al

YES! Football is back. Join our fantasy league.

Praise be to August, and the end of a tedious summer of nothing to do on Saturday afternoons except drink beer (such a hardship). As with last year, we're running a fantasy football league for all our customers to take part in. To make it a little more interesting though, I've decided to offer some prizes. First place will get a £10 BottleCraft gift voucher, second place two free glasses of keg beer, and third place one free glass of keg beer. I was going to offer a wooden spoon for last place too, but that'll probably be me. To register, just follow this handy link. You'll need to register an account if you don't have one yet, but it only takes a few minutes. Good luck! Tom

The Enchanted Chandelier

The highlight of Appetite’s sizzling summer brings, ‘The Enchanted Chandelier’ by renowned international company Transe Express to Stoke-on-Trent for the very first time and we're absolutely delighted to announce that BottleCraft will be there providing the drinks for you ahead of this unique spectacle! Tom and I shall be there on both Saturday and Sunday with our little pop-up bar serving you some of our delicious selection of beers. This magical concert in the sky promises to be a once in a lifetime experience for those looking for something extra special to do with friends and family. ‘The Enchanted Chandelier’ brings actors, trapeze artists, acrobats, and dancers to fill Central Forest P

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